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Become a PADI Instructor and do your IDC in the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea!

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Start living your dream

To become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you will join an 11-day course (IDC) followed by a two-day instructor exam (IE). The IDC is a two-part course – the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.

The PADI Instructor Development Course is a dynamic course that PADI is updating frequently to make sure that we teach with the newest methodical and didactical standards.

Therefore, the IDC became a very practically oriented course, focusing on the development of your teaching abilities. You will join different interactive workshops together with other candidates, covering all PADI courses. During the workshops, you will practice teaching on land and in water and we will encourage you to ask questions and to learn from your mistakes.

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)
Nancy IDC - candidates in the water

The focus is your development. After each workshop or teaching assignment, we will evaluate your performance and help you improve your teaching skills. By the end of the IDC, you will feel very confident and ready to pass the IE.

The traditional classroom presentations are now shifted to your IDC preparation, where you will study for all the needed topics online, conveniently in your own time. Of course, I will be available for you during the preparation.

Learn to become a professional PADI Instructor.


You can count on me!

The IDC will prepare you in the best way possible for the PADI Instructor Exam and your teaching career afterward.

Instructor Exam (IE)

Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.

The Instructor Exam is conducted by experienced examiners that are sent to Dahab from PADI, which guarantees an objective evaluation. The IE takes part over two days and is conducted directly after the IDC.

During the IE you will repeat what we have worked on in the previous 11 days during the IDC. Don’t worry – there will be no surprises! My IDC will prepare you 100% for the Instructor Exam.

At the end of the IDC, my team and I will give you a recommendation if we think you are ready to attend the IE or not. In the unlikely event that we let you know that we believe you are not ready, we will invite you to another one of our IDCs at no extra cost. This will give you another chance to prepare further for the IE. If you achieve all the required scores during the IDC, you will ultimately make the final decision whether to attend the IE or not. Before the IDC starts you will register for the IE with PADI and send them your credit card details. PADI will book the exam fee from your credit card, but in case you are not joining the IE, PADI will refund you the money directly.

Ready for the IE I- Instructor Exam

The four segments of the Instructor Exam are:

  • Diving Theory and Standards Exam
  • One teaching presentation in the Classroom
  • One teaching presentation in Confined Open Water including a skill circuit
  • One teaching presentation in Open Water including the Rescue Exercise number seven in demonstration quality.

After you successfully pass all parts of the Instructor Exam, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. In the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in one or two segments, it‘s not a big deal. In this case, you can just attend these segments in another IE. In the very unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in three or all four segments, you would need to repeat the whole IE again at another time.

Look Forward to New Options

Increase your career possibilities and become an important part of the PADI Team.

Instructor Courses - EFRI

EFR Instructor

The Emergency First Response course does not just apply to diving and can be taught to anyone who needs a primary and secondary first aid certificate.

Instructor Courses - MSDT


Teach the specialty courses that interest you! Nitrox, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Digital Underwater Photography…
There are 25+ standard PADI Specialty Diver courses to choose from.

Instructor Courses - Staff Instructor

IDC Staff Instructor

Shape the next generation of PADI leaders! As Staff Instructor you will assist with instructor training and share your wisdom and experience with new PADI pros.

Dahab 2022

05.02. until 15.02. 16./17.02.
13.05. until 23.05. 24./25.05.
09.07. until 19.07. 20./21.07.
10.09. until 20.09. 21./22.09.
26.11 until 06.12. 07./08.12.

The IDC staff Instructor course will start a day before the IDC.


Prices 2022

Course Price PADI Fees without VAT *
IDC only 1095,- € 195,- €
IDC & EFRI 1290,- € 195,- € + 121,- €
IDC & MSDT prep 1290,- € 195,- € + 230,- €
IDC & EFRI & MSDT prep 1470,- € 195,- € + 121,- € + 230,- €
IDC Staff Instructor 650,- € 114,- €
Instructor Exam (IE) – – – 559 GBP

* The PADI IE is charged in GBP and is without VAT in Egypt.
* The different PADI fees may include 20% VAT, depending on your country of residence.
* The PADI fees need to be paid directly from your to PADI via Credit Card.

Red Sea Bannerfish , Dahab
Hall of Fame

We would like to say a huge congratulations to all the fantastic PADI professionals that we had the honour to train at Nancy IDC.

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