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Get ready - PADI prerequisites

Courses Prerequisites

Where it all begins…

Before joining the IDC or the Assistant Instructor course, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years old
  • You have been a certified diver for at least six months
  • You are certified as a PADI Divemaster or you have a qualifying leadership certification from another organization
  • You have proof of certification in CPR/First Aid, not older than 24 months — the EFR Primary and Secondary course is highly recommended and required for the EFR Instructor course
  • You have proof of medical clearance from a physician that you are fit for diving, not older than 12 months
  • Proof of 60 logged dives for the AI or IDC – for the IE you need a proof 100 logged dives
Get Ready for the PADI IDC
Get ready for your Scuba instructor course in Dahab

Get ready - IDC preparation


Start off the right fin

As soon you decide to join us on the IDC, you need to start preparing. No need for you to be in Dahab for this — I can lead your learning via e-mail, and we can meet regularly online during your preparation. It’s important that we keep in touch, as I can chart your progress and point you in the right direction to assist your learning.

The new IDC curriculum requires you to complete the 16 PADI IDC eLearning curriculum components before joining the IDC. These presentations are part of your digital IDC crew pack — you can order the crew pack from me as soon you reserve your spot in the IDC and I will explain how to study and prepare with it.

A very important part of your preparation is to review the five theory topics from your Divemaster course and to be comfortable with them.

During your preparation, I will send you mock exams to evaluate your level of preparation.

In the two days leading up to the IDC, we have a free practical preparation program. Amongst other things, we will work on your demonstrations of the 24 basic skills from the PADI skill circuit, and run rescue evaluation and knot tying workshops.

Get ready with Nancy IDC
PADI IDC material in Dahab

Get ready - scuba diving equipment


To maximise the successes of your learning process you need the right materials.

Materials required for your preparation and during the IDC:

  • PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • PADI E-RDP ML and RDP Table
  • Instructor Manual (most current version)
  • IDC crew pack (for the new 2020 IDC curriculum)
  • EFR Instructor Manual (only required if you are doing the EFR Instructor course)

Additionally, you must bring:

  • Proof of all your certifications from OWD through DM — if they are not from PADI, you need to bring the original certification cards with you
  • Three passport photographs
  • Laptop/tablet with USB slot
  • Logbook with 100+ dives
  • Credit card to pay for the PADI fees

Get ready - scuba diving equipment

Scuba Equipment

For the IDC you need to have your own personal set of professional equipment.

In addition, you will also need:

  • Compass
  • Pocket mask
  • Two signaling devices ( whistle and inflatable surface marker buoy)
  • Blank underwater slate

Tanks and weights are available, for free, during the IDC-Prep, the IDC and the exam (IE).

Scuba equipment for the IDC

Dahab 2022

05.02. until 15.02. 16./17.02.
13.05. until 23.05. 24./25.05.
09.07. until 19.07. 20./21.07.
10.09. until 20.09. 21./22.09.
26.11 until 06.12. 07./08.12.

The IDC staff Instructor course will start a day before the IDC.

Crossover to PADI profesional programs

Get ready - Instructor crossover


PADI: Your key of success
If you hold a qualifying certification from another training organization equal to the PADI Divemaster you can join the IDC.

If you are a scuba instructor from another training organization, then it is possible to do a crossover to PADI. Your experience as qualified instructor means that you only need to be introduced to the PADI system of education. For this reason the crossover program is equal to the OWSI part of the IDC.

PADI recognise BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, SSI, SAA, FAUI, IDEA, YMCA, PDSI. If you are a member another training organization, please ask us about the specific prerequisites to enroll into the IDC.

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